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RPG Games, a History

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Role-playing games, also known as RPG games, are games in which players take on the roles of specific characters in a fictional environment. The actions a player takes during the course of the rpg will either result in success or failure and this will be determined by a series of pre-set rules. RPG games are typically described as games which are suitable for the whole family.

RPG games originally started life as pen-and-paper RPGs in which the participants describe the actions of their characters through the aid of speech. The name of these rpg's may suggest that pen and paper is necessary for play, however this is not the case. In pen-and-paper games, a player is designated the role of the GM and it is his or her job to conjure up a fictional environment in which each player takes on the role of a fictional character. Each player determines the actions of their fictional character and describes these to the group. The outcome is then determined either by a set of rules, known as the game system, or by the game master.

Pen-and-paper RPGs declined in popularity after the emergence of board games and collectible card games. RPG board games include Cluedo and Dungeons & Dragons. In these board games, the board serves to help players to visualize the game play setting or scenario. Board games may range from the very simple to the more elaborate. More elaborate board games will typically describe the game setting in precise detail and include a series of rules which are to be followed.

RPG board games have decreased in popularity due to the emergence of computer-based video RPGs. In video RPGs, a player controls one or more pre-designed game characters and is assigned the task of successfully completing a sequence of tasks. Video RPGs typically feature highly developed storylines and environments. Players explore the game environment while attempting to solve puzzles and gain dominance over opposing forces. An example of a computer or console based RPG includes Grand Theft Auto. A disadvantage of video RPGs relates to the fact that they do not grant the player as much freedom as the early RPGs.

A popular free computer-based video RPG game is Dungeons & Dragons. This game started its video RPG life as a pay to play RPG game however it is now free to play. Another computer-based video RPG includes Wizard 101. The cinematic storyline of Wizard 101 creates an enchanting game play environment for all the family. Free RPG games such as these can be accessed through specific game play websites.

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